Alex Sutherland, Image Works, Design & CAD services

CJS (NW) have worked on a number of the projects we have designed for clients. These vary across a range of retail and commercial refurbishments.

What would your feedback be to a friend or contact when they require design or shop-fitting services?

“The CJS (NW) team are obviously very experienced because there is no aspect that comes as a surprise to them. As an organisation they are set up very well.

Tony, the MD, has a calm approach – nothing seems frenetic – and projects are completed smoothly. There are no delays and I can genuinely say I have never had a cause for complaint about their work at all.

“I would not hesitate to commission CJS (NW) on any jobs. They are more than competent and accommodating.”

Go With The Flow

While first impressions count, it’s also important to understand how prospective consumers behave as they enter your store.

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

I would not hesitate to commission CJS (NW) on any jobs. They are more than competent and accommodating. Their customer service is extremely good – they know how to engage with the client just enough, without ever overstepping the mark and always get on with the work required very effectively.

Helpful Advice

When it comes to project management Tony is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced. He has been helpful in terms of advice on many occasions and his company are then able to apply this knowledge effectively and practical application which my clients have benefitted from.

Expert Knowledge

Tony’s knowledge of what is available on the market in terms of electrical installation, lighting, energy efficient products etc. is very good. He really keeps abreast of what is on the market and what will best suit our clients.

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