Our experience working with numerous opticians has revealed a series of best practices which enable business owners, franchisees and opticians chains to save money on their operational costs.

Below is the first part in our new series which covers these cost-saving measures for opticians.

LED Lighting

Your opticians retail outlets can save 60% – 80% off their energy bills through replacing halogen and other outdated lighting with LED lighting to illuminate the store, examination rooms and displays.

Lighting accounts for a high proportion of energy consumption for opticians in the UK and other Northern european countries where several months of the year have limited natural daylight during business hours.  Reducing this can free up valuable cash-flow for independent business operators and corporate chains.

A leap forward in lighting

Savings also come in the form of length of the products life as for example, 9w LEd downlights have up to 50,000 hours lifespan.

The fact that the LED downlights are dimmable also make them more suitable for opticians. Fully dimmable, fire rated downlights can also be installed.

The effect you are looking for can also be created, with, for example, a choice of ‘warm white’ or ‘daylight’ colour tempeatures.

Costs of LED downlighting has now become much more competitively priced making it more achievable for both independents and nationwide branches. There performance has also evolved with LED’s now having a low heat output.

Cost savings do not mean compromising on style

The overall appearance of LED lighting has improved drastically over the last two or three years. This has now made it much more attractive than traditional display and halogen lights. It is now contemporary looking, slimmer and much more likely to suit a newly refurbished store than in previous years. For example, even commercial downlights 240mm in diameter come in at only 9mm thickness.

LED lighting has been developed to have an instant start and flicker free performance.

Many downlights are available in a range of finishes including chrome, brushed chrome and white.

Adjustable LED display lighting is also available with toughened front glass lens for greater durability.

Making the most of space, minimising overheads and unnecessary redesign

Effective planning allows you to have the right storage space for products and patient records.   This makes your choice of retail design and shopfitting partners essential – those who understand the needs of the profession also appreciate what you will need in the day to day operations.

Working through future plans on product range means retailers have the right amount of frame bars on displays from the start.

Being shown the options for sales counters allows you to allocate the correct space for this without wastage – most opticians we work with have little need for point of sale materials at the counter itself, meaning that a modest sized sales counter is sufficient.

The right amount of storage

File systems behind the counter can be designed so all interior storage spaces serve a real and useful purpose – including racks of drawers within a wardrobe system.  Working through the logistic requirements with the design and fit-out company ensures the system adopted works for your retail staff.

Other areas for savings

Water economy can be controlled through the user of dual flush systems in toilets and cisterniser units in WC’s with default part flush and programmable flush volumes for maximum water savings.

What next…

Our next section will assess the impact of the recent budget on opticians, their financial planning and investments in equipment and plant which can continue to produce cost savings as well as lead to better tax efficiencies.  We will also be looking at the heating and air conditioning aspects of the business is terms of energy consumption.

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